Souter Window Cleaning

Water-Fed-Pole Systems (wfp)

At Souter Window Cleaning we use our own custom built Purified-Water-Fed-Pole Systems. What does this mean for our customers?

What are wfps?

Water-Fed-Pole Systems are a means for cleaning windows where purified water is pumped along a hose to a brush, which is used to agitate dirt and grime on the windows and frames. The purified water is then used to rinse off the residue from the window. As the water has had all impurities removed from it, it will dry streak free.

My windows have been left wet. Is this normal?

Yes, but don`t worry. The water that we use has been purified and de-ionised. Impurities within tap water is what would normally cause streaking, so provided all the dirt is removed from the window it will dry perfectly clear.

I`m not convinced. Is there a guarantee?

Yes. Firstly we do not ask our customers to pay for their windows until they are completely satisfied. If the windows have dried and you are unsatisfied with the result, we will re-clean your windows free of charge, provided you have contacted us within 3 days of the completion of the works.

What are the benefits of wfp?

First and foremost the benefit of wfp is safety. The elimination of the need to use ladders is important as it allows our window cleaners to service our customers windows safely. In addition to the benefits to us there are also benefits for our customers. Because of the way wfp systems work, all of the window gets cleaned not just the glass. This means that windows tend to stay cleaner for longer.

If my windows stay cleaner longer why do you come every month?

Our aim at Souter Window Cleaning is that our customers windows stay clean all year round. When we price a job, we price knowing that with the exception of the first clean the windows will be pretty much clean every time we do them. The longer between visits the dirtier the windows will be, therefore the longer they will take to clean.

Does your wfp system work in all weather?

No. Rain water falls quite pure so it is possible to use it in light / moderate rain. However, ordinary tap water freezes at around -0.5 degrees centigrade, our purified, de-ionised water freezes at 0 degrees. When there is a particularly hard frost we may fall slightly behind, but our team of dedicated professional window cleaners soon get caught back up.

Can you clean windows using the traditional method?

All of our window cleaners are trained in both traditional window cleaning and Water-Fed-Pole Systems. If you want your windows cleaned using the traditional method we would first need to determine whether it is safe to do so. If so we will be happy to clean your windows using a mop and squeegee. There is normally an additional charge for this service.

Why is it more expensive for traditional window cleaning?

Most of our customers get their windows cleaned on a monthly basis, because wfps are a more thorough method of cleaning, the windows will be cleaner every time we do them. This means that they take less time to clean.

How high can you clean with wfp?

The biggest water fed pole that we have is 65 ft. This allows us to clean about 4 stories up.

Frequently Asked Questions relating to other aspects of our service

I had no idea window cleaners required a licence, how can I be sure my window cleaner is licensed?

The council does not make this information freely available so without actually confronting your window cleaner there is no way you can be certain due to the way the system is currently enforced.

How often do you clean windows in my area?

Most of our customers get their windows cleaned every month. We find that our system works best this way, and customers generally find that their windows are clean all year round.

How much do you charge?

We consider many factors when pricing a job, how many windows is only part of it. Without actually seeing the building to be cleaned it is difficult to estimate. If you give us a phone or fill out the form on the contact us page we will be happy to give you a free, no obligation quote.

I am normally out during the day, how would I get payment to you?

Most of our customers are out when we clean their windows. Direct debit is our preferred method of payment, click here for more details. We leave a SAE which can be used to send payment via a cheque or postal order. We can also accept card payments via the telephone, and internet banking details are available upon request.

Do you offer any other services?

We are full time, professional window cleaners and do not offer other services. For services we recommend see our links page.

Can you let me know when you are coming?

We offer a reminder service if you need to unlock the gate, put the dog in or if you need to be there when we are cleaning. Let us know that you need a reminder and you will get a text message at 7:00 pm the night before we are due.